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    October 26, 2012
    6:00 - 6:30pm PDT  

>> reporter: vincent jones sr. says his son was on his way to work. >> someone had to be following him. >> reporter: police don't have a motive or a suspect in the shooting. >> there's no doubt we've seen a spike in crimes this year. >> reporter: to deal with that crime, oakland police chief howard jordan says he's welcoming help. in a partnership announced today, the chp will have some of its officers work overtime to help patrol the streets. >> i'm assigning people within the city of oakland that will not be focusing on any other highway patrol duties. >> reporter: it comes on the heels of requests for help. >> we need safety in the city. >> reporter: captain says the chp has partnered with oakland police before. the agencies worked together on a gang reduction task force. >> there is a decrease. the overall crime went down. their calms for service would
go down. >> reporter: the difference is this new partnership isn't gang specific. >> doesn't have the gang name or the actual funding. but it's the same idea. >> reporter: the agencies involved have not yet figured out exactly how much this partnership is going to cost. who is going to pay for it. they also don't know how many offers will be patrolling the streets of oakland on a daily basis. there's a lot of details that need to be worked out. >> alameda sheriffs deputies are calling it one of the most karaoke louse killings they've seen. two teenagers are under arrest accused of killing a woman and setting her house on fire. alex savidge is in heyward tonight. >> reporter: sheriffs investigators describe these two teenagers as evil. neither one entered a plea during arraignment here this afternoon. but detectives say what started as a plan to steal guns and
money from the victims house ended with murder. two teenagers facing murder charges tonight. this is the older of the two defendants, cody nicosia. he and his 16-year-old friend strangled 58-year-old barbara latiolais inside her house last week. >> jails are built for a reason. this is two guys who do not need to be in the midst of society. >> reporter: detectives say the 16-year-old knew the victim and her partner and had done yard work in the past. the pair went there to steal guns, jewelry and cash. they knew latiolais's partner was out of town. they hid out in the yard waiting for her to leave so they could burglar the home. after several hours investigators say the pair grew impatient and decided to head inside. >> when they made the decision to go in the house they had made the decision to kill her.
>> reporter: the pair left the house, grabbed a bite to eat and decided to set place on fire with gas. >> these two are evil. >> reporter: the 16-year-old was picked up in class. nicosia was arrested at his house. when officers showed up there the teen's father asked him what he did. >> if you did anything you need to come clean. the kid looked at his father and said we killed someone. >> reporter: the victim's family attended today's arraignment but didn't want to say anything publicly. both teenage defendants have been charged as adults. they're being held without bail. they're due back for another hearing. >> the teenager accused of killing his sister-in-law and her two children in the sacramento suburb of ran chough cordova was charged with three
counts of murder. grigory also faces an enhanced murder charge. he was arrested wednesday after his brother came home to find his wife, 3-year-old daughter and 2-year-old son all dead. >> the family of two children allegedly stabbed to death by their nanny in new york has ties to the bay area. their father kevin krim is a former yahoo executive who now works for cnbc. his wife came home last night with the couple's 3-year-old daughter and found 6-year-old lucia and 2-year-old leo stabbed to death in the bathtub. their nanny suffered what investigators are calling self- inflicted stab wounds. she remains in the hospital tonight. >> you could hear a lot of screaming. like panic screaming. >> kevin krim was a vice
president at yahoo. >> a 66-year-old woman is facing prison time for embezzling more than $100,000 from a convent. linda gomez bought jewelry, high end cutlery and other high end items with a charge card. gomez pleaded guilty yesterday to 14 counts of wire fraud and 3 counts of mail fraud. police are concerned a serial bank robber may get more aggressive. the man in this picture robbed a bank of america in sunny veil last week. it's one of six banks he is suspected of robbing. the man has not shown a weapon. bank of america is offering a $25,000 reward for information on a case. >> police say they arrested a man who allegedly set three suspicious fires, including one at the office of mayor davis. the suspect is identified as
maude love of vallejo. detective the say their investigation is ongoing. mayor davis has reported other recent acts of vandalism including broken windows with. >> the last call for alcohol will come early at a popular lounge. the vice ultra lounge has a history of violence and permit violations. last night the city planning commission approved a move to impose an 11:00 p.m. alcohol curfew at the club. the commissioners say they'll review the issue again in about 90 days. >> the san francisco giants are now in detroit getting ready for game three of the world series tomorrow. david stevenson is live with the effort being made to make sure fans can gather together
to cheer on their team. >> reporter: even though the team left at&t park this morning, plans are underway to publicly broadcast the giants away games. with two world series game wins under their belt the san francisco giants packed up their gear at at&t park and hit the road for detroit. >> we're excited. believe me. we're heading to detroit. have a light workout and relax tonight. just get set to go the first game there. we like where we're at. we know we have a lot of work to do. >> reporter: the city of san francisco has work ahead. the mayor's office wants to sell vise some of the away games on civic center plaza. >> it's a lot of fun. >> reporter: as many as 7000 people gathered here in 2010 to watch on a giant screen tv as the giants clinched the world series title in texas. >> we have put a request in to major league baseball. we do need their permission to
air it. we could air is under monday. the game has to be away. >> i'd love to support the team. >> reporter: there's also the possibility of a parade. more than a million people lined san francisco streets in 2010 to welcome home the winners. public safety agencies are look at this after action parade report. it detail what's went right and what went wrong. it calls for better planning. >> we're going to coordinate as a city to pull something off quickly. nobody wants to talk about it yet. we don't want to jinx ourselves. >> reporter: at&t rolled in this temporary bandwidth truck to provide cell service for folks crowding the streets when and if a win happens. >> south san francisco is showing off its giants pride with a new addition to its sign. you can see that the s and the
f in the sign on the hill have been painted bright orange. you see them from highway 101 below. >> the fans on the ground aren't the only fans. also 35,000 up in the air. this was the scene last night as passengers on a virgin america flight watched brandon belt catch the final out of game two. ktvu will air game three. the first pitch is at 5:07 tomorrow morning. our coverage begins at 4:30. >> california has 31,000 newly registered voters thanks to state university students. the students sent out voter drives. the students say they're motivated by potential budget cuts in the state's education system. if the governor's tax increase measure goes down in defeat. coming up, not one but two
different class schedules. the uncertain future facing students at one bay area community college and why it depends what happens election day. >> bart leaders showed off a milestone today in the warm springs extension project. here's an underground look as they walked the subway tunnel this morning. the new section runs under lake elizabeth and will eventually reach san jose. the bart station is expected to open in the fall of 2015. >> several bay area hospitals are teaming up with local farmers to bring fresh fruits and vegetables to improve hospital food. thousands of pounds of fresh produce. the executive chef tells the business times the healthy eating program is expected to expand each growing season. >> chevron is making a multi- million dollar commitment. not to refurbish refineries. the political cost the bay
area's biggest oil producer is backing. >> back here, fog free along the coast. this weekend is going to be warmer. we'll also look at detroit weather for the world series. proposition 38 bypasses sacramento, and makes education a real priority- with the funding, to our local schools and the accountability from our local schools...
that we'll need to improve student learning in every classroom. so we can stay 47th... or we can choose proposition 38. i'm voting yes on 38... because it makes our children #1.
chevron has contributed $2.5 million to a super pac in what appears to be the largest contribution ever by a publicly traded company. chevron donated to the congressional leadership fund earlier in month. the fund works to reelect republicans and is closely linked to speaker john boehner. >> these republicans not surprisingly are usually dedicated to preserving the tax breaks. >> chevron's contribution is legal. the supreme court ruled in 2010 companies could spend unlimited
money on campaigns. an arizona group is being pseudoover an $11 million contribution to a california political action committee. it is under scrutiny because of the size and it was made anonymously. a sacramento superior court judge has ordered a full hearing. the arizona group that made the contribution argues it doesn't need to disclose its funding sources until after the election. >> thousands of community college stan students are hoping voters approve tax measures. new at 6:00, rob roth in hayward with the unusual step the community college has taken to inform students about what could be ahead. >> reporter: many students will have to wait for the november election to find out if the classes they need to graduate will still be offered in the spring. monica hopes to graduate from chabot college next spring.
but that plan could be in jeopardy. she needs to take a statistics class. she's learned they may be offering fewer statistics classes in the spring, so she could be shut out. >> basically have me on hold because i'm trying to finish so i can get a better job. >> reporter: the uncertainty over california's budget is so great chabot has posted online a unique class schedule. the classes in red only will be offered if the tax measure proposition 30 passes, along with measure i, a $28 a year parcel tax. if they don't pass, those classes are gone. >> the reality is now that it may take a student beyond six years, seven, eight years or more to be able to get a seat in the classes that they need. >> reporter: students say they appreciate knowing in at advance what's at stake but
some feel their future is in doubt. this student wants to become a history teacher. >> i won't be able to get to where i want to go in enough time. so i might have to rethink everything. >> we're the next job force to go in. f we don't have classes it's going to take us long per. we might be in a recession longer. >> reporter: recent polls show prop 30 is ahead. but that support for the tax measure has declined with less than 50% of those surveyed now in favor of it. at chabot college in hayward, rob roth. >> so how will you vote? you can take our election quiz. it's on our facebook page. just like ktvu channel 2 and look under our cover photo. >> former u.s. senator george mitchell has resigned as mediator of settlement talks over whether pg and e should be fined. mitchell was appointed as
mediator earlier this month. the cities called the mediation process unfair because pg&e had advanced notice of the appointment. mitchell's law firm has previously -- >> the homeless man who was run over and killed in san francisco earlier this week was identified. the san francisco medical examiner says the 55-year-old man's name is actually elvis presley. he was killed tuesday morning while he was sleeping in a driveway. he was pronounced dead at the scene. >> the california highway patrol reports a sharp rise in motorcyclists deaths. there were 20% more fatal collisions involving motorcyclists in 2011 than in 2010. the highway patrol is asking motorcyclists and drivers to be vigilant. >> what are the primary reasons are crashing and top is speed, unsafe turning movements and a
lot of times it involves other drivers. >> ethals urge motorcyclists to take a basic rider course. there are more than 150 schools throughout the state. >> an early start to the season for skiers and snow borders in tahoe. overnight they ran snow makers to add to the more than 3 feet of fresh powder that fell earlier this week. it'll be open through the weekend and will reevaluate the conditions on sunday. >> we did get a little bit of rain around here over the last weekend. that helps the fire danger quite a bit. not in southern california. they have high fire danger pattern. fire weather warning in effect that lasts until tomorrow night. wind gusts in the hills north, those are going 50 miles an hour. so big fire concerns there.
we get a bit of a break considering the time of year. that rain really, everybody in the news room takes a deep breath. the for thes as well. you can kind of relax a little bit. fire danger still there until we get the big rains. these temperatures increased over yesterdays. temperatures will increase again tomorrow. saturday and sunday look for upper 70s in the warm spots. upper 70s and low 80s. the forecast overnight lows, 46 in napa. not quite as cool as it was last night. the fog tries to come back along the coast. this is a computer model. i'm not convinced that's going to happen. the model sees something i don't see. i'll bet the fog is patchy off shore. it's going to be nice on sunday along the coast. the winds are kind of coming offshore. we've been talking about the perfect storm. this is the scenario. we have a category 1 hurricane. a standard weather system.
the two are going to hook up over the carolinas. they're going tex load. we're all going to be watching game three. look at 42 degrees at game time. that's the temperature when you woke up. that's cool. by the eighth inning they could be in the upper 30s. that's about 25, 30 degrees cooler than they usually play in. it's going to be, definitely have some impact on that game. clear weather though. er to cast highs for saturday. along the coast, another nice day. i said patchy fog tries to show up. five-day forecast looks like a perfect weekend. perfect storm is not coming our
way. >> thank you. >> she was really sweet and patient. >> coming up on bay area news at 7:00, friends try to cope after the discovery of a teenage girl's body. what we've learned about her and the circumstances surrounding her death. new information apt the east coast lab where that deadly meningitis outbreak is said to have originated. joining us at 7. >> the nhl lockout has taken another bite out of the sharks season. how many games the hockey team will miss and why a labor agreement seems further off now.
the nhl lockout has taken another bite out of the season. all games through the end of november are now canceled. there's still no end in sight. so far the sharks have lost 21 regular season games. >> joe is in for mark. you have high school football. >> our high school football game of the week is a good one. a key bay valley matchup.
both teams are 6-2. freedom has a 3-0 record in the league. one game in front of deer valley, heritage and pittsburgh. freedom head coach joins us now. having handed them their only losses this is another huge step for your team. >> it's a big game. we're playing for the league championship. we're playing a great team. >> when you look at how balanced this league is, you guys beat pittsburgh by 1. pittsburgh bales deer valley. so it's all on the line tonight. >> definitely. our league, we're a tough league. we don't get a lot of credit. week in and week out where she tough games. there's no rest. >> tell us about daryl daniels. he's on your team. he's headed to university of washington. he's one of those guys you want to get the ball into his hands. i know he's a receiver. he returns kicks. he rushes with the football
sometimes. what does he mean to your team? >> he's important to our team. we get the ball to him any way possible. he's just a great kid off the field. we know we got a chance to win. a lot of the kids that contribute also. >> highlights we're looking at now. he's a little bit fast. >> a little bit, yeah. there you go. he was a 10-9 guy in the spring. >> tell me how the rivalries have developed. you're one of the relatively new schools. you have rivalries going. >> we're all about a 10-minute bus ride from each other. these kids play youth football together. >> thanks for being with us. good luck to you tonight. that's kevin hartwig. we'll have highlights at 10. we'll hear from deer valley
coach at 7:00. there's also something called the world series. >> joe thank you. >> a man under arrest accused of setting fire to the mayor of vallejo's office. we're trying to uncover the clues that led police to make the arrest in connection with that deliberately set fire at the mayor's law offices. h